Reflection on Week 9 lecture


After gone through on yesterday class (21/9/2013), the first feeling that struggling me is that I am started to feel worry. My practical is going to start very soon, I can say that it is this is the time for me to do my best before becoming the real service educator.

In yesterday class, lecturer do explain to us what is going to do during our practical, this could be very busy as we are going to teach in the school during the 15 days, continues our blog and assignment as well. Lecturer advice us to start on our assignment 3 earlier before our prac start, our assignment are divided into 4 parts, which are Learning Journal, Preparation, Lesson plan and Evaluation. We should start our preparation part to describe our professional experience context and plan our lesson plan first.

Buddies, let’s work hard in our Practical!!!

Good luck everyone.



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