Interactive White Boards (IWB)


Interactive Whiteboard (IWB)….      

Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) is an instructional tool that allows computer images to be displayed onto a board using a digital projector (BBC Active, 2010). The use of the whiteboard enable teacher to use his/her finger as a mouse, and manipulate directly on the screen. The items can be dragged, clicked and copied and the teacher can hand write notes, which can transformed into text and saved it.

Beside that, David had also introduced about Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) on Week 9 study desk. He do talks about Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) is a combination of four components:

  1. A touch screen/board.
    This is the bit that looks like a whiteboard but acts like a really big iPad. It is the main interface you and your students use to interact with the computer that is connected to the IWB. Some IWBs allow this interaction to occur by direct touch, others require the use of special pen-shaped devices.
  2. Computer or similar device.
    Whether it’s a teacher’s laptop or a desktop computer, an IWB always has a computer that is connected to the touch screen. It’s this computer that does all the work. There are situations where you can connect devices like an iPad to an IWB.
  3. Data projector.
    The output from the computer needs to be projected onto the touch screen/board, that’s what the data projector is for.
  4. Software.
    The computer connected to the IWB will require some software called a “driver”. This is how the computer knows how to understand what you do with the touch screen. Some makers of IWBs also provide additional software that has special features that depend on the touch screen, more on this later.

One last common component of the IWB ecosystem are the peripherals you can connect to the computer. Many of these are the same peripherals you would connect to any computer (e.g. a camera, scanner etc.) but there are some which are particular useful in a classroom setting (more on these later).

To know more about the information on Interactive Whiteboard (IWB), please do have a look on Crystal’s blog.




BBC Active. (2010). What is an interactive whiteboard? Retrieved on September 19, 2013, from


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