Reflection on Assignment 3


After going through the materials in study desk, assignment 3 is designed to help us to prepare, implement and reflect on the use of ICTs in learning and teaching in a real context. This assignment is directly related to our Professional Experience in upon to develop the ICT pedagogy.

Below is the overview of the components of this assignment, this assignment contains of 4 parts in total of 40%.

1) Learning Journal (5%)- As per assignments 1 and 2

2) Preparation (10%)-  500 to 1000 words with the description of your Professional Experience context and how you plan to integrate ICTs into the lessons you teach.

3) Lesson plans (5%)- 5 of the lesson plans you taught during your Professional Experience, including reflection.

4) Evaluation and lessons learned )20%)- 1000 to 1500 words to evaluate the ICt integration on your Professional Experience and identifying lessons you’ve learned for next time.

Thanks to Shireen for sharing her view on assignment 3 as well. Lastly, I hope I will have clearer understanding on this assignment on the coming class.



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