After gone through the materials in study desk which show by David, we are required to Sign up for Connect.ed. Moreover, thanks to Crystal and Shireen that share about their view on Connect.ed. After looking at their blog, I wish to sign up and try mine as well.

What is Connect.ed?

Connect.ed is an innovative, self-paced online Cybersmart education program that offers teachers the knowledge, confidence and resources to help students stay safe online (Commonwealth of Australia, 2013). Basically, Connect.ed are categorize into 4 module which are:-
Module 1: The Connected World
Module 2: Cybersafety and your students
Module 3: Schools and the law
Module 4: Putting in into practice
Yet, I found that this activity that I have gone through is quiet interesting. Therefore, I would like to share it over here. There is “How connected are you”. This survey show how the connection on the online world. I believe that we need to know about the internet and online technologies to keep up what a students are doing. From the survey, it shows that we can’t live without technologies. Therefore, technologies used it very important in this current lives.

I hope I’m on the right explanation.


Commonwealth of Australia. (2013). Cybersmart: Connect.ed. Retrieved September 4, 2013, from


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