Digital Citizenship

digital citizenship2

First of all, thanks to Crystal and Shireen for their sharing of Digital Citizenship. After going through their blog on Digital Citizenship, I would like reflect and view my understanding here.

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is a concept which helps teachers, technology leaders or parents to understand what students or technology users should know to know technology appropriately (Ribble, 2013). Digital Citizenship help students to prepare for society which full of technology. it is a norms of appropriate, responsible technology use.

According to Ribble (2013), he had identifies nine elements that together make up digital citizenship, which can be grouped into three categories:-

1) School environment and student behavior-Digital Rights and Responsibilities, Digital Communication, Digital Access, Digital Etiquette, Digital Security

2) Student learning and academic performance- Digital Literacy, Digital Law

3) Student Life outside the school environment- Digital Health and Wellness, Digital Commerce


I found a video that further explain on the introduction of Digital Citizenship and each of the elements.

Click here to view.



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