Reflection on Assignment 2





After going through on Week 5 class, lecturer had explained further to make me clearer and understand what is to do on Assignment 2.  For this moment, I wanted the time to slow down because I can feel that I am being so rush to start on my second assignment as I just submitted Assignment 1. Yet, this assignment is going to be due in 2 weeks time on 9 September 2013. Moreover, I am having the same feeling as Shan Yuen and Shireen too. Sometime, I can feel so restless as I need to get up early to work everyday and come back in the afternoon to continues on my blog, assignment and even have to prepare for my school work. I try to think positively every time as this is my last semester and is the only subject to finish up my BECH course and graduate soon.

From my understanding from study desk and lecturer, I know that Assignment 2 are consists of 40% and divided into 3 main tasks:-

1) Learning Journal (5%)–  This is to complete on the learning path activities during Week 4, 5 and 8, reflect on my own understanding of ICTs in the classroom.

2) Unit Plan (30%)– A 3 to 5 week unit plan, then create a task sheet and rubric for one of the assessment in the unit plan. There are no more than 8 pages included all the above.

3) Essay(5%)– There are 500 words for this justification essay. This is to justify the use of ICT underpin the learning and assessment.


Lastly, that is a reminder for myself about the submission of assignment. I should submit the assignment according to the 3 documents:-

1. Cover page and Rubric
2. Unit Plan (Header with Name and Student ID)
3. Essay (Header with Name and Student ID)

I hope I’m making myself clearer and I’m going to start my assignment as soon as possible.

Have a nice day everyone!


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