My understanding on Week 5

It is a Monday blue today as I have to go back to work after a week break due to Hari Raya and school holidays. This is the first blog that I would to post here after going through everyone’s blog. Moreover, after going through the information that provided in week 5, I would like to come out with some ideas and share with you guys. Based on the information provided in the study desk, I had understand that this week is roughly about the three main topics:

1) Khan Academy

– There are couples of articles about the Khan academy. It also talk about how flipped classroom is being used in classroom according to the Khan Academy. The flipped classroom inverts traditional teaching methods, delivering instruction online outside of class and moving “homework” into the classroom (Knewton, 2013). There are pros and cons about the flipped classroom being implemented in children’s classroom.

2) Essential Questions Framework

– It is a framework where we need to implement in our assignment. In week 5 study desk, it provide a list of models or framework with I need to take in consideration while doing my unit plan. This framework will help us to have sequence learning experiences more meaningful and effective.

3) PCK (Pedagogical Content Knowledge)

PCK is one of the types of knowledge a good teacher draws upon when designing learning. It is one types of knowledge from the TPACK framework. PCK is also important because it can provide you with some ideas for effective applications of ICTs to student learning. We are asked to share some ideas or information about PCK which link to our Assignment 2.

This is what I have understood. Hope I’m on the right track.



Knewton (2013). Flipped classroom. Retrieved August 19 from


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