The wonders of ICTs ^_^


The above picture is showing my niece are engaging with ICT tool. This picture show that my niece as young as one years old  are having fun with ICT tool. I believe that children nowadays are more addicted to ICT gadgets instead of playing blocks. I could remember when I was young, my mum will let us go for outdoor play instead of staying indoor playing around with ICTs tool. It could be fun as we are exploring to nature. But, children in this 21st century are growing in a world where surrounded with all types of Technology. I believe that my niece will be addicted to ICTs as she do not understand the real meaning of using computers.

Thanks to Crystal for sharing her taught about Toddlers exposed to ICT. In future, I think I would reduce the chances for my niece to expose with ICTs tools unless are guided with parents. Otherwise, my niece physical development will be affected as well.


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