My Stickman

In week 4 study desk, I found that “Draw a stickman” is quiet interesting and fun. Moreover, one of my coursemate, Crystal also suggest on this activity. Therefore, I decided to try mine as well.

Here comes the result:-

2              4

I found that it is fun when I play with my own Stickman. I am able to draw what I want according to the storyline provided. I believe that when I integrate this ICTs tools with  my children,  it will help to enhance their creativity. Apart from this, I think that this activity should be introduced to the children who have well developed literacy skills, this is because that this activity required children’s understanding of sentences or vocabulary in completing the story. If this website are used by children’s who are not well developed their literacy skills, I think this could be guided by teacher.

Buddies, try to have fun on this website, I believe that you guys will love it.

Click here for the link.


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