Toolbelt theory

Toolbelt Theory?

What is this all about? I do not understand after I read through all the information in the study desk.

According to Socol (2007), he said that “Toolbelt theory” suggests that teacher must teach our students how to analyze task, the task completion environment, their own skills and capabilities, an appropriate range of available tools and let them begin to make their own decisions. This is the TEST (task, environment, skills and tools) framework is used in Socol’s Toolbelt theory.


Therefore, I would like to share some of my ideas here.

Task– You need know whether you want to fried or steam a fish.

Environment– You need to know whether you want to fried or steam in outdoor or in the kitchen

Skills– You need to know  steam a fish or how to fried a fish for not being scorch?

Tools After complete all the three above, I need to know which tools will be using. For instance, if i am steaming a fish, i need to know how long to steam a fish.

I hope my ideas is right. Lastly, I would like to thanks to Shireen, Crystal and Rachel for sharing her ideas with us.



Socol, I. D. (2007). Ira Socol Toolbelt Theory. Retrieved 7 August, 2013 from


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