This week, I am going to reflect on myself and share about what I have learn in study desk. After going through my friends, Vicky’s blog and the materials in study desk, I finally understand what does it all about, It is all about TPACK.

TPACK…What is this?

TPACK is actually stand for

  • Content Knowledge (CK) – Content Knowledge is knowledge about the actual subject matter that is to be learned or taught. As Shulman (1986) stated, teachers must know and understand the subjects they teach, including: knowledge of central facts, concepts, theories and procedures within a given field; knowledge of explanatory frameworks that organize and connect ideas; and knowledge of the rules of evidence and proof (Koehler, 2011a).
  • Pedagogical Knowledge (PK) – Pedagogical Knowledge is deep knowledge about the processes and practices or methods of teaching and learning and how it encompasses (among other things) overall educational purposes, values and aims. Pedagogical knowledge requires an understanding of cognitive, social and developmental theories of learning and how they apply to students in their classroom (Koehler, 2011b).
  • Technological Knowledge (TK) – Technology knowledge is knowledge about standard technologies such as books and chalk and blackboard, as well as more advanced technologies such as the Internet and digital video. This would involve the skills required to operate particular technologies(Koehler, 2011c).


This three important component must work together in order to let the teacher to achieve in their teaching. Teacher need to have sufficient content, pedagogy and technology knowledge to make their teaching more effective. Teacher must always know to make creative links between what is being learned (content), how it is taught (pedagogy), and the appropriate tools (technology). Lastly, I would say that TPACK are really new to me. I am still in the learning progress on understand more about TPACK. Therefore, I will try my best to use the component of TPACK  in my teaching.


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