Technology is always a trade off

According to Postman (1998), he mentioned about the “Five things we need to know about the Technology change”. He stated that Technology change is always a trade off. Technology giveth and technology taketh away. This means that for every advantage a new technology offers, there is always a corresponding disadvantage.

I would like share my ideas here.

My examples:

In this 21st century, every one of us live with all types of Digital Resources. Me, myself can’t live without my hand phone. I had to use my phone everyday to “Facebook”, “Whatsapp” with my friends or even read online news.

On the other side, I would really hate to buy newspaper to read news compared with getting instant news using my phone. Yet, I had dropped my phone on floor while I am taking out from my pocket. My phone was crash and had to send my phone to repair for a week. A questions to ask yourself, “Since that different kind of Digital Resources are around us(Ipad/ Iphone), why don’t we just use it by just a click to know all the instant news?”

By the way, I would like to thanks to Crystal and Shireen for sharing one of the example on “Things we need to know on Technology change”.



Postman, N. (1998). Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change. Retrieved August 3, 2013 from


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