Technology creates winners or losers

Postman (1998) describe on the “Five things we need to know about Technology change”, I would like to emphasize on the ideas that he mentioned on Technology creates winners or losers. It talks about ICT tools favor some people but it might also harms others.

Below is my ideas. Do have a look!

My example:

My dad is a business man. He used to work as a project manager in a construction firm. He handle all kinds of stuff such as dealing with workers, building comprehensive work plan, and managing to the budget. My dad is a person who used to pencil and paper writing. He needs to do all types of budget claim every month through computer system. However, my dad become a losers when he come across ICT tools. He needs my help to use computer to obtain all types of claim information.

What do you think?

My friends, Crystal and Shan Yuen had some similar idea on it. Read through their post.

I hope I am on the right track too.



Postman, N. (1998). Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change. Retrieved August 3, 2013 from


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