Integrate ICT in children’s classroom

School Children use computers with headphones to learn language

In this 21st century, children are growing in a world where they are surrounded with all type of Technology. The use of ICT in the classroom is very important for providing opportunities for children to learn in an information age. Wong (2006) point out that technology can play a part in supporting face-to-face teaching and learning in the classroom. Children gain skills, knowledge and conceptual understanding about and through the technology they used.

The use of ICT can help students to become knowledgeable, reduce the amount of direct instruction given to them, and give teachers an opportunity to help those students with particular needs. ICT improve the quality of teaching and learning.

However, there are also obstacles of integrating ICT in children’s classroom.

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Wong, A. F. L. (2006). Singapore students’ and teachers’ perceptions of computer-supported Project Work classroom learning environments. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 38(4), 449-479.


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