New Directions of integrating ICT in education


This is a short video about the advantages of the integrating ICT in education. It shows a new world of learning was created with the help of technology.

After viewing this video, what are you guys thinking about? Are there really ICT-based in future?

Enjoy the video!



Introduction of ICT in Early Years

children using technology

In today’s world, ICT is a ubiquitous component of our life. Most of the things we use incorporate ICT.

What is ICT? ICT defined as anything which allowed us to get information, to communicate with each other or to have an effect on the environment using Electronics or Digital Equipment.  In Early Childhood Education, ICT could include computer software and hardware, Digital cameras and Video cameras, Internet, Telecommunications tools, programmable toys, and many other devices and resources (Bolstad, 2004). The use of integrate ICT in the classroom increase the level of children’s learning. They include children’s cognitive, social and emotional development (Stephen & Plowman, 2003, p. 4).



Bolstad, R. (2004). The role and potential of ICT in early childhood education. Retrieved 25 July, 2013 from

Stephen, C., & Plowman, L. (2003). ICT in pre-school settings: Being addition or playroom revolution?Early ChildhoodFolio, 7, 33–38.


My very FIRST day in class…


I am here again today to blog. First of all, I would like share some of my comments and experience in my first day of the semester. The class started few days before and today I am free again to sit in front of my LAPTOP after my work.

Wow, what a busy and tiring day while I need to work and update my blog at the same time. It would be a very tought study and work in this semester. As lecturer told us on the first day of class, it could a very HEAVY subject but not TOUGH subject. Therefore, I think this subject could be a lot of work to do??!! She adviced us to drop this subject- EDC3100 ICT and Pedagogy if we took too many subjects.

The luckiest things I can say is this will be my last and the only subject I took this semester. I am going to finish my degree course soon!HOORAY!!!!^_^

Apart from this, I can feel that this subject need a lot of time and effort to do research. It could be how to integrate ICT in children’s classroom. Therefore, I think  I should work very hard in getting updated with the information provided in the study desk.

BUDDIES, Let’s WORK HARD together!!

Sher Li

Welcome to the “Bloggy” World

Setting up a blog could be very first experience for me. It seems like blog could be an easiest thing for me to do. As I go through the first week of class, I can say that I am temporarily down. For me, ICT could be something related to Digital Technology. It could be integrating Digital Technology in children’s learning. However, I believe that I could develop better as I go through all the information in study desk.

It could be a general overview of what I know about ICT!!

Have a good start ahead everyone.

Sher Li